About Ajan Reginald

Ajan Reginald, an ambitious and respectable entrepreneur founded Celixir,a stem cell company along with Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans in 2009, the original name of the company was Cell therapy ltd which was rebranded to Celixir in 2016. The company’s achievements have always been on the higher side of the graph because of the extreme enthusiasm and vigorous efforts from the team. The career graph of the leader, Ajan Reginald stands out in every possible way. He can easily be recognized as a born leader who could span the breadth of technology and science and give birth to products like Heartcel and Tendoncel and successfully led their clinical trials.

Ajan Reginald was formerly a dentist but retired after suffering a hockey injury which resulted in a visual impairment. Apart from being a science freak, sports is Ajan’s another forte of excellence. The dental surgery graduate is an old hockey player and has represented England at the over 40’s level. He also manages Hockey for heroes as a passion for the love of his favorite sport.

Ajan Reginald




Hockey For Heroes

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H4H-v-Celixir XI charity Match

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