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Ajan ReginaldAjan Reginald Celixir was born in Sri lanka and after his birth; his family got immigrated to England .Moreover, he belongs to a family of medical professionals. Ajan’s father is a professional doctor and served at the NHS and at the University Of Warwick Medical School. On the other side, his mother is a NHS clinical psychotherapist and both his siblings have also worked as NHS clinicians.

Ajan’s family shifted to the city of Coventry in the West Midlands where he studied at King Henry School and initiated his scientific (O levels and GCSEs)and his hockey career, whilst representing the school 1st XI as a 15yr old. This further made him represent the Midlands region and then trialing for the England national team in the process. Ajan Reginald won a scholarship to study science A levels at the Rugby school, one of the topmost boarding schools around and he also captained the hockey team there.

Ajan Reginald CEO of Celixir then won a scholarship to study dental surgery at London University (Queen Mary London Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry). Within his first year, he became a varsity hockey player with a London University purple. Ajan Reginald Celixir carried on with his passion towards the sport and played in the English National League including Southgate hockey club in the premier league.

Ajan Reginald was passionate for both Dentistry & Hockey and unfortunately, during one of the hockey matches, he suffered a serious eye injury. While he initially appeared to recover from this injury, sadly the eye damage would result in both the loss of his dental career and hockey career. This further pushed him for a voluntary retirement from his dental practice and he also stopped playing hockey. This came as one of the lowest points in his life where he lost two of his greatest passions.

This is where Ajan Reginald got the support and motivation from his friends and family to start something new and he convinced himself to try his hand in management studies whilst taking the competitive US GMAT business school entrance exams. While studying science from the age of 16, business management came as a different domain for Ajan Reginald. Still, to everyone’s surprise, he cleared the GMAT and scored in the top 10% whilst also winning a place at the Kellogg Business School, one of the top ranked business schools around. Ajan then got awarded with the UK Fulbright scholarship for his MBA in 2002 by the UK Fulbright Commission.

While studying at Kellog, Ajan Reginald discovered his instinctive interest for medical / life science based business of Biotechnology and Healthcare. He was then awarded with the Biotechnology scholarship in 2003, for being the top Biotechnology student and graduated in Biotechnology and Healthcare. While still being uncertain about his future, Ajan Reginald then took the decision of working in the management consulting. After putting through his application to some of the leading consulting companies, he was accepted with an offer with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the top management consulting firms.

Ajan Reginald initially worked as an intern at the BCG’s Chicago office whilst going through with his second year at business school. He then moved to the BCG’s Zurich office to gain expertise in the Pharmaceutical industry and Intellectual Property domain. With BCG, Ajan dealt with three of the top ten, global Pharma companies.

Whilst working with BCG, Ajan Reginald discovered his newest passion of working towards bringing life-saving medicines to market. He worked with BCG on R&D, commercial and patent project. Eventually, he got back to his passion towards hockey with GZ Zurich as player-coach and made them win a qualification to the European cup.

Ajan’s then got to deal with Roche Pharmaceuticals based at Roche HQ in Basel while still been with BCG. He found a futuristic approach in the work culture of Roche and eventually joined their Pharma business development division in 2005. This came as a new area of challenge for Ajan Reginald as he didn’t have a past experience in dealing with transactions. Still he progressed at a tremendous speed under the Roche’s idealistic, and science oriented culture. This was something which paved way to his appointment as a Business Development Director in the M&A group, where he led M&A in most of their large strategic transactions.

Eventually, Ajan Reginald Celixir was promoted to the Global Head of Emerging Technologies for Roche Group Research, and headed their search for breakthrough technologies. In the year 2007, Ajan got awarded with company’s top accolade, the Roche Gold Olympiad for heading the $300m partnership with Alnylam therapeutics. It was in the year 2007, when he met Noble Prize winner, Professor Martin Evans.

Whilst pursuing his career, Ajan Reginald rediscovered his passion in hockey and started coaching the junior hockey players around. Eventually, he got to play in the multiple top-level national hockey leagues and also had the distinction of representing England (in the over 40s age group) in the year 2014and subsequently also participated in the 2016 World Cup

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